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What types of Doodles do you Breed?

We started off with Goldendoodles in 2015. We raise mini and standard goldendoodles. We’ve recently added mini Bernedoodles and we’ll have litters of mini or standard Sheepadoodles and Cavapoos mid 2023.

What is the average size of your goldendoodles?

Our Mini Goldendoodles usually range from 20 lbs to 30 lbs. We have one female that has smaller litters, average 15-20 lbs. Our Standard Goldendoodles are around 50 lbs.


I want to put down a deposit on a future litter – how do I do that?

We don’t accept deposits on litters that aren’t born. Mother Nature is usually very kind, but sometimes she’s not. We always wait for puppies to be born, we give them about a week to make sure they are growing healthy and on track. Then we announce the litter to our Early Access Email List, everyone on that list gets a chance to put a deposit on a puppy first. Essentially our puppies are available on a first come basis.



If puppies are available on a first come basis, how do I guarantee that I get the puppy I want?

We have litters throughout the year and our clients rarely have issues missing out on a puppy. Personal timing, litter timing and all the other variables (Gender, Color, etc) mean that most of the time you’ll get the “right puppy” for you. Even if you were on a “Paid Wait List” with another breeder what guarantee do you have that you’ll get the puppy you want? Our clients love the fact that they aren’t putting down a deposit until there is an actual healthy puppy for them to reserve.


What is the price range of your puppies?

Our puppies range in price depending on their coloring and size. Standard doodle puppies range from $2,800 - $3,500. Mini doodles range from $3,000 - $4,500.


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