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We currently have the following amazing studs. They are often the father’s of our litters. While they each have unique personalities, they all have wonderful temperaments and have fantastic genetics that make amazing puppies.

Our studs are available for outside stud services. Stud pricing includes a Brucellosis test. (We require brucellosis tests on all dogs that we breed to. While this bacterial infection isn’t prevalent in our area, we’ve chosen to act on the safe side. If you want additional information about why or how we test, please call us)

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Brucellosis Testing


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Disclaimer: We only provide services to dog breeders. We are not veterinarians and can not give medical advice. If you have medical questions we suggest you contact your personal vet. We do require a contract be signed prior to breeding.

We require brucellosis testing prior to breeding
(Included in stud fee).

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BORN: SEPT 15, 2022

F1b Sable Parti Goldendoodle

Carries: ay/at, ky/ky, B/B, Em/e, sp/sp, m/m, F/F 6 red

Weight: 35 LBS

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BORN: SEPT 9, 2021

breed:  White/Apricot AKC Poodle

Carries: e/e, kb/kb, ay/a, B/b, sp/sp, F/F

Weight: 48 LBS

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